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About Park Cities Home Staffers


Each room carries that special touch which makes it uniquely yours. A home is a source of cherished memories, as well as a haven that can fulfill your need for security and privacy.

Every person living in your home is a priceless treasure. Whether infant or elderly, teenager or adult, each comes with his or her own needs or comforts that must be fulfilled and respected. When you open the doors of your home to someone new, he or she must be well matched with your particular environment and personal style.

Park Cities Home Staffers is the domestic placement source that has designed its interview criteria with these considerations in mind. We match our clients with employees whose personalities, skills, and special talents ensure a perfect fit within your household.

We are committed to providing you with reliable, hard-working employees, and to support you throughout the hiring process and beyond.


Adrienne Callaway is the President of Park Cities Home Staffers. She founded the company in 1993 after a very rewarding experience as the employer of an outstanding nanny, Teresa Yulo, who cared for her daughter as an infant and toddler. Adrienne realized the significant contribution that a good nanny can make to a family and the poor service from Dallas agencies that she had encountered in her search for a premier nanny. She began her business with a fundamental commitment to provide an exceptional screening process for the selection of the best professional nannies and other domestic workers in Dallas.

For almost thirty years, Adrienne has represented hundreds of families in North Texas in selecting superior child care and domestic personnel. Working professionals and fulltime parents alike rely upon her expertise in hiring the very best professionals to care for their children and families.

Adrienne received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Cox School of Business with an emphasis in marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Southern Methodist University in 1985. Since 1986, she has been married to Robert Callaway, a Dallas native, and is the mother of one daughter, Elena. Adrienne was reared in Long Island, New York in a close Greek-American family. She moved to Dallas in 1982 and speaks Greek and Spanish fluently.


After submitting to us the job description and placement agreement, we will commence the hiring process. The selection process begins once we have a clear understanding of your unique hiring needs.

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