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Are you looking for a Nanny?

We specialize in nanny placements in the Dallas Metroplex
Your home is made up of so much more than mere walls and plaster

Each room carries that special touch which makes it uniquely yours. A home is a source of cherished memories, as well as a haven that can fulfill your need for security and privacy.

Every person living in your home is a priceless treasure. Whether infant or elderly, teenager or adult, each comes with his or her own needs or comforts that must be fulfilled and respected. When you open the doors of your home to someone new, he or she must be well matched with your particular environment and personal style.

Park Cities Home Staffers is the domestic placement source that has designed its interview criteria with these considerations in mind. We match our clients with employees whose personalities, skills, and special talents ensure a perfect fit within your household.

We are committed to providing you with reliable, hard-working employees, and to support you throughout the hiring process and beyond.


Peace of mind! We ensure the safety and security of your family. All applicants are screened for: criminal record, valid drivers license and social security trace.

You have no spare time! Our agency takes the time necessary to provide you with verification of: professional qualifications, personal references and employment history.

Access! Our agency can provide employers with choices from a large pool of qualified candidates.

Pre-screening! In addition to standard verifications, our Agency conducts pre-screening interviews of every applicant prior to their acceptance into our available database.

No Placement Fee! Not until you make your final selection.

Location! Our office is conveniently located at The Galleria. Ask us about home consultations.

Support! Our six (6) month guarantee provides assurance of our commitment to you.

Fee Structure! Market research shows that Park Cities Home Staffer's rates are highly competitive in the domestic placement industry.